Monday, August 2, 2010

Yesterday was a none training day for me... I did keep my calorie intake down as I knew we were attending a wedding and wanted to enjoy myself there.
I had one glass of sparkling wine and the rest of the night I drank sparkling water with a touch of lemon...boring i know...but with having saved all those calories on not drinking wine I was able to enjoy a lovely pudding at the end of the evening...we had a finger meal...i was not able to eat much besides the fish, chicken and duck that came can say I didnt pig out at all.
I didnt do any training, walked around the shop to do my grocery 2.30am (yes am) we took the wrong turn back to the hotel...we went Left instead of Right, and after walking quiet some way we thought it best we turn around and go I got about 20 mins worth of steps that I would never had if we had gone the right direction in the first place. It was freezing, but I kept on thinking of the calories I was burning!!

Today I had a hotel breakfast...its always much bigger than I would have at home ~ then I sat in the car for 3 hours coming home...on our way home Heinz stopped at Burger King...I said NO THANKS, came home unpacked and then made myself a cheese sandwich on Rye bread with coffee and had an apple...
I am too tired to go to gym today...only got to bed after 3am and up again at 9am - will do that little bit more tomorrow at tomorrow is toning day, so will run afterwards for 30 mins instead of 10!!

I dragged my body to the gym today...if there was a day I could have given it a miss, it was today!!
But thanks to this group and the motivation it gives me I knew I had to went at 10.30 after having a bowl of oats for breakfast!

I was so tried, I had no idea how I was going to get threw my workout...
I did 10 mins walking on treadmill to warm up
Then ran for 5...wanted to do more but my calves and sides were so sore, I think from wearing high heels on Friday and not used to it.
So climbed off and thought to myself that I cant give up - I had only completed 15 mins in went onto the stair climber and did a further 45 mins...I battled and pushed myself 5 mins at a time...
I was thrilled when my hour was done and I saw my results

933 calories
9 457 steps
Zone for 45mins...

I had oats for breakfast
A small yogurt as a snack afterwards
A sandwich with cheese and chicken slices for lunch
I snacked on tuc's and cream cheese with Roxy and coffee
For dinner I am going to make scrambled eggs for mysef....those tuc were have to be careful with my calories.

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