Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm starting to I have found in the past, the first 2 weeks are a breeze for me, I am so motivated and so good with everything...then week 3 arrives and it starts getting harder - by week 4 I am battling...and this is where I am finding myself once again.
Its a huge chore getting myself to the gym, I'm starting to feel bored with my workout - the excited feelings are slipping away.
If it were not for this group I would once again throw in the towel...but I'm not as I have a few people rooting for me - I cant let them down....and myself.

I went to gym today after 10 am...I went to bed late last night so slept till 8.30am this morning...
As I was going to gym later I had a shake and banana for breakfast before going...

I walked for 5 mins to warm up
Then jogged for 10 legs were paining, my shins, the sides...I had to stop!!
Went over to the stairclimber and did a further 35 mins -
The last 10 mins of my workout I went back to the treadmill and jogged pushing my heart rate up.

I am not sure what the correct calories burnt would be as my heart rate monitor was stuck on 104 beats for the first 15 mins...and I was running, so thats wrong...
But I ended up with these results
909 calories burnt in an hour
25% fat
In Zone ( 120 - 140 ) for 40 mins
just over 10 000 steps done by the time I left the gym..

I came home feeling good, was happy I had gone, but every 5 minutes was a mental workout for me as well as a physical one...I would say...* do another 5 * then repeat it till my hour was done...

Tomorrow I am going to a friends birthday tea - so will only be going to gym later in the afternoon....

I got into the tucs and cream cheese again this afternoon...but now they finished so thats good as I can see they going to be my downfall...

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