Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello friends....

Its 15.14 and I have not been to gym yet today...this is unusual for me I know...but today Roxy ( my SA neighour till end Feb only as she is going back to SA ) and I went to our other SA friend Carol ( who is also leaving Germany the end of Feb, she and her family are moving to Australia ) for our friend Heidi ( who comes from Zimbabwe) birthday brunch.
We had to be at Carols at 9.30am so that meant no gym!

I had a yogurt for breakfast as I wanted to leave the calories for the brunch.
I had one pumkin seed roll with chicken slices, cheese and tomato - with orange juice ( skipped the champagne )
Then had banana loaf with coffee....

I am considering going to gym now...considering...I am feeling very lazy and am all made up with my hair washed and styled and know if I go that will mean washing it all over again....but....then I think I am going tomorrow anyway, so what will the difference be if I go now - no one is going to see me tonight anyway....
I will come back and let you know if I went...I know I there anyone out there that's going to give me the push I need now??????????

I went!!!!

Did cardio for an hour
5 min walk on treadmill to warm up
20 mins jog on treadmill
35 mins on stairclimber...

Burned 1063 calories
20% fat
In zone for 54 mins
Did over 10 000 steps

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