Monday, August 2, 2010

First went to the sunbed this only open's at got to gym a little later.. I was feeling the hunger at this bought myself a small protein bar to eat before starting my training.
I warmed up for 10 mins walking on the tread mill...
I ran for 20 mins...
Then went to the stairmaster and did another 20 mins there.
I worked hard, keeping my heart rate at 140 - 145...the only way to burn calories.

I did 50 mins in total...1034 calories
15% fat
Was in the Zone for only 15 mins
Did 8 000 odd steps.

I felt tried today, but pushed myself...there was plenty of times I wanted to stop but kept on telling myself I only had to give like this for an hour then it was all over.

I had scrambled eggs for lunch with a slice of toast....
Not sure what I'm going to make for dinner, I suppose Chicken and Salad...

Its 15.34 now and I have done 11839 steps...went to town to do some shopping, needed a pair of shoes and a top...then walked around just looking..
Its raining now so all the snow is melting!!

It's Friday - and Day, am impressed that I have managed to go further than day 14....I always seem to give up around that time, but thanks to this group, especially Angela who comes over and reads and comments daily...I feel like I cant let you down Angela...and thats what I need right now, someone who I know is cheering me on all the way to 68kg's.

I'm going to gym early this morning...with training on an empty stomach I find its not good for me to train too late.
Actually yesterday while on the treadmill...I think I passed out for a second or two. I remember walking - trying to bring my heartrate down after running for 20 mins straight, pushing my levels up each minute - the next think I found myself trying to find my feet as I was off the treadmill...on the side!!
Was the weirdiest thing ever!

Today is toning machines with only 10 minutes I should be fine...
Will be back later for the update...

Back from gym

5 min walk to warm up on treadmill
10 min jogging on treadmill
30mins toning program on machines
15 min jogging on treadmill....

1094 calories
30% fat
Zone for 39 minutes

Came home and had a chicken salad for lunch...

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