Monday, August 2, 2010

I FEEL SO MUCH HAPPIER TODAY... Am down from yesterday from when I started 2 weeks ago I am now down 1.6kgs's - so not complaining as its a loss and thats what I am after.
I want to go to gym this morning but its snowing and the wind chill is really bad as the wind is blowing...
I might go a little later than I planned as I also want to go to town to collect my parcel and buy a top and pair of shoes...but that I can leave for tomorrow it not possible for today..

Come back from gym...what an experience - the roads were so slippery!! I had two near haps, my car slipped, it set my heart rate up that!

one hour
898 calories
30% fat
27 mins in the Zone

Did 10 minutes running to warm up
Did toning machines
Did 10 mins running
Walked for 2 mins to cool down.

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