Monday, August 2, 2010

This morning I got dressed for gym as soon as I got out of bed...didnt want anything to distract me...Left home around was a beautiful white world outside!! I started with 10 minutes warm up walking on the treadmill, then went and did the special toning program with using my membership card which has a chip on the back...have to do the program 2x...that took up about 45 mins...
Went to the stair climber, did 20minutes there then went to the treadmill and did another 20mins of walking and improving as I am feeling stronger when jogging at the moment and am enjoying it.
I burned 1 245 calories, 25% fat and walked over 10 000 steps.
This took me to a hour and a halfs training...
I wanted to give up after an hour but looked at my step counter and saw I had only done 6 000 odd, then and there I decided to stay till I had achieved my 10 000, the rest would be a bonus.
Its 18.51 and my steps are sitting at 12 984.
I had a herbalife shake with banana for breakfast before training today
Lunch I had a sandwich with chicken and cheese breakfast ceral with yoghurt...dont laugh, Heinz is not home and I didnt feel like cooking and miss my cereal when I have shake for breakfast...I dont want to have cereal before I train so have a shake before gym...
Yes and I have been drinking my water, but decided from tomorrow to keep water out of fridge as so teeth hurt.
When I brush my teeth and night I switch the water to luke warm - LOL...horrible, but cold water is just too cold here during winter time.

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