Tuesday, August 3, 2010

March 3 2009

Hello - quickly popping in to see how the group is going...wow was I impressed to see so much action here...good on you all.

I have been jogging every morning for an hour - first 30 minutes pushing my grandson in his pram around the park then I take him back and do the next 30 mins on my own...been burning around 1000 calories with each workout...loving the CT weather..running in the heat is much nicer than running in the cold ....

My diet has been very good....no bad or cheats...still following WW...tomorrow I go to my first meeting and get all the information to help me without my online WW I was using in Germany, made counting my points so easy.

I have not seen any WW products in the shops, only Weighless...does anyone know???

Well, I am not sure when I will have access to the internet again, but keep up the good work and know I am still on my journey, want to be 5kgs less when I return to Germany and surprise the pants off my man.

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