Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm really struggling to sleep...I sleep,but not through the night like I am used to...I might as well be a mother with a baby as I am up so many times a night...I could feel this morning when I woke that I was still so tired,my eye's were burning but I was wide awake...horrible feeling. I am thinking of buying herbal sleeping pills to see if these can get me back into the habit of sleeping through.

I'm sitting looking out of my window and the snow thats everywhere, the sky is grey, the whole world here looks like a grey and white one. I have to get to gym this morning..can feel its going to be hard for me to get out and get going as I am tired...but know I must go...I have to do the toning machines at least 3 x a week....I've set out Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for that...Tues and Thurs for cardio...and then weekends a bonus if we least that way I know I am getting 5 days of training a week.

I am going to go to gym later today, waiting to see if the post lady has the online diary I made - received the notice saying that it had been sent...I dont want to not be here when its delivered.

Its 8.19am now...will go get myself dressed for gym...then have my herbalife shake for breakfast - will be back later to update my blog on my day.
Wish me luck as my drive for training is not very strong today.

11.56am - got home a few minutes ago...sitting here in my sweaty clothing...after posting my update I'm going to shower then get the basket of ironing done while catching up with many episodes of Desperate Housewives.

Thanks so much to Angela and Sunika...carry on reading and hear why - your encouraging comments help me so much on a day I really needed this group!!

Walked for 8 mins to warm up on treadmill
Jogged for 3 mins ( was going to do toning machines but they were full )
So carried on walking for 2 - then started jogging.
Planned to try 5 mins, but when I got there I thought...go for 6...then go for 10
As I got to 10 mins I in my head remembered all those encouraging comment this morning and pushed to 15...
When I got to 15 I thought, take it a minute at a time....when I looked again I had jogged a WHOLE 20 MINUTES NONE first time EVER...and I mean EVER!!
I then walked the last 10 mins on treadmill.
Did 15 mins on stepper to get my steps up...
When I had done an hours cardio my steps were 10 256 - So I was thrilled
I burned 1 078 calories

Thanks everyone..because of ME remembering you...and your comments I have got through todays training.

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