Monday, August 2, 2010

I had a good 8 hours sleep last night so felt good and ready for gym this morning, no dragging my feet like yesterday.
When I got to gym I saw I had left my sweat towel at home, so could not do the toning machines....I had to stick to all cardio again.
This time I started with cycling instead of did 30 mins on the bike, then tried a new machine (for me new ) called Step circle...only did it for 10 mins as my back started getting sore...then went to the step climber and did 20 mins...that was my hour...when I checked my steps I had only got up to 8 000 and as you know one of my goals is to have reached 10 000 by the time i leave gym so every other step counted is a bonus.
I then ran for 5 mins...and got steps were 9 138...I had enough...will have to make the rest up at home today...

I burned 1025 calories and at 35% fat...
Trained for 1 hour and 5 mins.
All cardio...

Have just had my shower - now off to have my sandwich for lunch and take the mixed chicken out of the deep freeze for dinner this evening.

Its good I get to gym everyday as I dont move much when home...very frustrating. I am not a housework me giving the home a good clean once a week is good enough...I touch up daily...after all its just Heinz and so nothing gets dirty - so when I feel *not in the mood* I must remember how few steps I will take in a day.

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