Monday, August 2, 2010

I had such a bad night again last when we do our shopping later I am going to buy the herbal sleeping pills and see if they can help me.

I went off to gym this morning...felt motivated to go and had no problems getting myself there (thank goodness as i know a few of you will be on my case...hehe )

I got on treadmill - JOGGED FOR A FULL 25 MINUTES
Walked for 5 mins
JOGGED for 15
Then went to the stair climber and did another 15 mins there.

Did over 10 000 steps
Burned 1025 calories
30 % fat...

So have had a good day today...
Have not had enough water today, but will make sure I have the 8 glasses by the time to hit my pillow this evening

Have a good weekend everyone...

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