Monday, August 2, 2010

Got up early this morning while Heinz was still asleep...been struggling with sleep lately...last night was a good night as I went to bed around midnight so only woke at 7.30am instead of the early hours of the morning and trying to fall asleep again.. this morning I got up and came downstairs leaving Heinz to sleep in a little longer.
I know I am going through pre-menopause as my periods are not what they used to be...I will be regular for a few months then miss = this is what happened again. I had periods while on holiday, but my last one that I should have got early November has not hormones are all over the place, I can feel I am very short and ratty with I have no patience with him. I know I must go to DR about this, but keep putting it month, now I am saying Next year I'll go.
Am sure this stage has something to do with my weight gain as well...but know more than anything else my weigh gain has to do with me not moving enough...hence the gym I now attend.

I want Heinz to move my stationary bike back upstairs to my bedroom for winter months...we took it down summer time as I preferred to walk in the forest or to town than sit on the bike indoors...I want to cycle while I watch tv - instead of sitting on my bum...
I am making lots more effort to move...I know this will change so much for me...

Am off to make my breakfast now... ( 9.15am )

Got back from town an hour or so ago...
I HAD LUNCH AT BURGER KING...a chicken chips or anything else like I would normally have on a Saturday afternoon as going to either MacDonalds or Burger King is our usual for Saturday when we out.
My steps are 3710 - and I did a bit of walking around a furniture wanting to buy a white clothing cupboard ( we have horrible pine at the moment ) and a white dressing table...but for now we just looked, checked at how much the cost etc...we will only consider buying next year...first we have Xmas coming up - Heinz's nephews are coming so going to cost a lot more this year..

Just wondering...does anyone actually read my long drawn out blogs here????hehe, writing is good for me even if no one reads them from this group.

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