Monday, August 2, 2010

...( 9.38am)

How can it be day 5 already???
Gosh, joined gym on Monday
Went to train on Tues and Wed, Thurs didnt do anything but a little light weights while watching prison break on tv and now its Friday!!!!!!!
Am waiting for the post lady to arrive with the Playstation 3 hubby ordered from Amazon for his birthday...then can head off to gym...I need to train, am motivated and now this...anyway - am sure she will be here soon then I can leave..have my bag packed and am dressed so can walk out the door the moment she arrives.
The weather is terrible...cold and wet..bed and tv weather, the reason I decided to join gym as I know how easy it can be to spend half my day in bed doing nothing but eating...


Am back from gym...had a wonderful session - even though it was hard hard and I felt like giving up a few times.I did it...
I warmed up for 10 mins by walking on treadmill
Did the Miha circle workout...have to do it 2x...
Then walked on the treadmill for 40 mins...did a bit of jogging as well.
Then went to lie on the massage jet bed for 8 mins...

I did over 10 000 steps
Burned 1 320 calories
25% fat...need to do 45% ( Ame how do I achieve that goal )

Feel good now after my shower and lunch...
Am drinking water with lemon pieces in helps a lot as tastes much better.

Did 13 700 steps when I went to bed.

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