Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 98

30 g Special K
1 small tub yogurt
Points = 3.5

100 g strawberries
1 Apple
Points = 1

46 g salmon
150g baked beans
Points = 3

Went to Fulda today, Heinz bought me an extra scale to take with to SA...its such a lovely scale that is so user friendly - I know this scale will make my life so much easier while on holiday...Will see if I can find a photo of it to show you.
Did the last minute shopping for my grandkids...
This evening we going to Carol and her families farewell...going to be diffficult with my points again, thats why I've kept them very low today so that I have points in the hidden fats. Am going to see if they have a salad and will ask for the dressing on the side. I saw a good tip on The Biggest Loser today....dip your folk into the dressing - dont pour it over the salad....Will see what they have there.
Heinz has gone off to gym now as he could'nt go last night...we plan to both go tomorrow.

WW Quark
Points = 1

Tomato and cream soup ( small bowl as starter )
2 small slices of olive bread
Salad with dressing on the side
4 small chicken kebabs cooked with honey
LOTS of water with lemon.

Not sure how many points that added up to...but had only used 8.5 - had 13.5 points for dinner, am sure i never went over...

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