Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 99

I cant believe I have nearly been on this journey for 100 days...I started in November when I returned from my CT holiday - weighing 79 kg's - got hubby to join me at the gym, he moaned as he said as before I would go to gym for 2 weeks then stop...something inside of me knew I would stick as my desire to lose the weight once and for all was a very positive and powerful one...and at 70 Euro's a month for me to go to gym ( for 2 year contract ) I knew I would be wasting a lot of money if I didnt go...
During Xmas and New Year I didnt train as often and didnt diet at all - we had lots of guests down from South Africa, which meant lots of eating and drinking...at this stage I had managed to cut out the drinking part and didnt touch any over the festive season - but the bad eating continued...did high calorie dinners, went to McDonalds and Burger King etc etc....so my dieting journey only started after that period...and now I am sitting 5 kgs lighter and feeling so much better about myself and the way I look. I am more motivated now than ever to get to my goal weight of 68 kg's, I know the biggest challenge for me is going to keep it there.

I was watching an Oprah show yesterday with a few of the Biggest Loser players with Bob and Jillian - so many of them have regained not all but most of their weight back - the first year they say was the hardest after losing the weight and also they cant find the time to train and eat correctly in the normal day to day situation. This really put the fear into me...those people had won the show, they got the tools from the best in the world, yet they gained again ( like Oprah herself ) I know from past experience its been my problem as well....I get to goal, love the way it feels, say I will NEVER go back to what I was...then life takes over and when I look again I have gained it all back.
I am going to take this one day at a time...I'm not going to worry about tomorrow, its only today I have, going to focus on today only, each morning I'm going to committe to staying on course for that day.

50 g Special K
Points = 3.5

100g grapes
Points = 1

2 slices of wheat bread
4 slices of WW chicken slices
Points = 4

Went to gym
Warmed up with a quick walk for 5 mins
Ran for 40 mins
Did 15 mins legs.
Calories - 940
Fat - 25%
Steps - 9001

WW Quark
Points = 1

240g sweet potato
Tuna in water
tomato, cucumber, mushroom and yellow pepper
WW pudding - Vanilla and cream
Points = 6.5

Have 6 points over that I'm saving...some days I worry about my points and then there are times like today where I cant fit them all in...the joys!!

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