Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 96

Weight 74.4 - a loss since yesterday...but boy did I work hard at gym last night!! If I had not lost you would have heard me screaming all the way in South Africa with frustration.
Breakfast - Decided on a bigger one this morning.
Fried Egg in Spray & Cook from SA ;)
1 slice toasted Rye bread
2 slices Moz cheese
Points = 6.5

Am going to clean the house this morning...will go with Heinz to gym this evening...need to do ironing and wash my floors...will put on HR monitor and see how many calories this burns.

100g strawberries
WW Quark
Points 1.5

Still busy with houseworkBurned - 732 calories.

4 wheat biscuits with WW tuna spread
Point = 1.5

Walked to town - steps so far = 6305
was cold but so fresh - loved it!!

1 slice bread with 2 slices of Turkey ( not butter)
With coffee
Points = 3.5

Went to gym
5 mins walk on treadmill to warm up
20 mins jog on treadmills
35 mins machines.
Burned 834 calories
30% fat
Steps 12,340 (19.50 )

116 grams chicken
76 g Sweet potato
Salad with feta and avo
WW sobert pudding
Points = 6

used all my points today, but earned a few extra with my walking to town and gym.

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