Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 95

Well those of you who have been following my journey will know I dont lose weight that easily, I eat well and I train hard, but still my body holds onto the fat.
I weighted myself today and was so dissapointed...74.6 - I've only lost .2 in 9 days!!!!!!!!!!!!
I now cant wait to attend the WW meetings to see what I'm doing wrong or get some advice.
I'm going back to weighing myself everyday...this expecting a bigger loss and seeing nothing kills me!!

This morning I was watching The Biggest Loser and something struck me - the trainer was telling the one contestant that the training they were doing was the best that nothing more could she do for him...but then looked at his food journal and showed him that he needed to eat 1 700 calories a day and was only eating between 1 100 - 1 200 a day...that his body needed calories to burn to get the loss on the scale. I dont use all my points most days, now wondering if my calories are too low...but then saying that someone like Mbini is only eating about 500 calories a day and losing...Losing weight is so confusing. I dont know what is the right or wrong way for me.
I'm not giving up - trust me, I've come too far to throw in the towel or give in to temptations. I am going to push through this time and am positive I will see myself as I visualise me to be!!

1 slice rye bread toasted
1 medium banana
Points = 3.5

Piece of Hawai chicken left over from dinner
1 slice whole wheat bread with turkey slices
Points = 5

Points = 2

Go Ahead Bar
Points = 1.5
Going to gym with hubby now, waiting for him to get home.

Did 30 mins running on treadmill
Did machines for 30 mins
Burned 1062 calories
10 941 steps..

150g salmon
Salad of lettuce, tomato, yellow pepper, cucumber, feta cheese, mushroom and avocado
WW Quark
Points = 6.5
Have banked 5 points today with left over points and training.

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