Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 94

I've been on my plan for over 3 months now....my biggest challenge was getting myself to gym - in the past I would go for two weeks then stop, two weeks has been the point I always gave up on my diet and training plan, but this time with the group and Angela's encouragment I've gotten to 3 months...am so proud of myself for this achievement. Now I worry after my holiday in CT, will I take months to get back into this routine, after every holiday I find it difficult to find my feet again.
I'm taking my running shoes with me to CT and joining Weight Watchers while there so really hope to come back to hubby slimmer. Imagine what a surprise that will be for him.

1 slice Rye bread
1 banana
Points = 3.5

Snack - yogurt
Points = 2

50g Turkey pieces
yellow pepper
Points = 1.5

Snack - 100g grapes
Points = 1

GOING TO CYCLE FOR A HOUR while watching the Grammy's - will be back when finished.

Burned 788 calories
40% fat
8205 steps @ 16.04

Chicken Hawai
Salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mushroom, yellow pepper, feta cheese and avocado.
WW Quark pudding
Points = 5.5

i normally eat 2 x pieces of this chicken but when I worked out the points it = 7 just for the chicken I decided on one piece only...and filled my plate with free veg and salad.

As tomorrow all I lose all the extra points I've gained I'm going to jot it down so you can see
I've saved 25 points this week ( so all those extra points at the wedding hopefully will be here and I will still have lost)
From training I earned an extra 9 points so in total got 34 points I didnt use this week...

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