Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 90

I was impressed with myself last night, everyone drank red wine and I had a bottle of water...I was offered, * just a little* and was told how good a little red wine was for one...but I stuck to my guns.
I must tell you I was very frustrated eating out for two of my meals yesterday. Lunch time I was taken to an Italian restaurant - for pasta, but said I would eat had Tuna as a tin of tuna is only one point. The problem was I had no idea what OIL was poured over my salad, in future I'm going to ask for the dressing to be put in a seperate dish so I can control how much....the bottom of my plate was swimming in oil. I had two cappachino - so that was 4 points...going to have tea when going out cause at home I can also control what kind of milk goes in my coffee.
Then last night was went to this very smart restaurant, the theme was Austrian food...not much I could eat so had a salad, which was lovely..and fish on lentils ( never heard or seen this before) The fish was hake - not sure if fried or grilled, but thankfully 2 small pieces, I ate half the lentils as my whole plate was filled with them...skipped coffee or pudding at the end. I made small changes for myself personally - which I'm pleased about.

Didnt weigh in this morning.....not after all that food!

8.45am Breakfast
20g Special K
100g Soya yogurt
Points = 3

Soya yogurt is made by Alpro Soya - I have seen their brand of soya milk in South Africa, the yogurt is new on the market, they have natural and Vanilla flovour, I love the Vanilla one and does taste lovely, the texture is different to normal yogurt..will be buying WW yogurt for next week...

Not going to do cardio today..but am planning to do toning...

11.45 - lunch
2 slices of rye german bread
40g avocado
4 slices Turkey WW slices
Points = 6

2.30pm - Snack
Weight Watchers Quark
Points = 1

4pm - Snack
1 rice cake and 1 turkey slice
Points = 0.5

Am hungry all the time today!!!!!!!!!!!!

5pm - Go ahead Bar
Points = 1.5

7pm - Dinner
220 g chicken grilled
Salad with lettuce, tomato, yellow pepper, cucumber, feta cheese and avo
Points = 6

Am carrying 4.5 points over....will need them for tomorrow night at the wedding.
Have saved over 8 points since Wednesday and have a few extra for training..
so all should work out.
I've packed a fruit bag for myself....while driving incase I want to snack after breakfast...
Preparing so I dont fail!

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