Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 91

I have no idea what my points were like for this day...but know what I ate so am going to write it down for you to see.
Special K ( bran ) with tub yogurt

Snack while driving to Dusseldorf
100g grapes
100g strawberries

2 slices of rye bread with WW spread and tomato.

All this I had planned and weighed before leaving. I had 10 points left at this stage.

Got to wedding at 2.30pm, was handed a glass of drank it slowly and then for the rest of the night I had water and diet that good as everyone was drinking red and white wine and kept on offering and telling me to *live a little* but I knew I needed to cut back those unwanted calories for the meal, pudding and cake that was to follow.

Snacks went around....I had one very small chicken kebab and 2 tiny prawns as everything else was red meat and pork

Then we were all dished up the biggest slice of cake, by this time I was very hungry and should have only eaten half...that's what I told myself this morning but ate the whole one and enjoyed it - was very sweet.

Dinner came around 7pm - I had lots of lettuce on my plate, 4 very small chicken kebabs, a potato fritter thing that is fried...( bad ) then this white sauce poured over the lettuce, asked the chef to give me a little only as know lots of fat was sitting in there and then cheese was put over the salad cream on the that was my dinner...everyone else had that, spagetti, pork, tuna, etc etc,

Pudding was a scoop of vanilla ice - cream in a small cone - dipped in chocolate. I had one...

Then after midnight was the grooms birthday and everyone got champagne again to toast him...I took one sip and pushed my glass away...carried on drinking water..

Then small pig all cooked whole was brought out on a tray....shown around ( poor thing ) then taken to the kitchen to be cut up...everyone got a roll with pork slices and other stuff inside, I was hungry as the last time I ate was a good 5 hours ago and knew that bread was not a good idea...they brought me a roll with cheese...I broke it in half and only had half!!!

I thought I did very well, normally if not on diet I would have had wine, spagetti and lots more to eat - I did take 2 FatBlock pills by USN after the cake and then another 2 after my meal with ice-cream...this pill is taken after a fatty meal and it absorbs the extra fat that floods around and flushes it out of the body

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