Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 89

I weighted myself this morning...
Am the same weight as Monday 74.8kgs...
So still under the 75 kg mark..Am hoping on Monday to have lost, this coming weekend is going to be a huge challenge as we going to the wedding and staying over in a hotel and doing lots of driving. Will keep my goal in front of me.....

8pm - Breakfast
40 g Special K ProPlus
125g Soya yogurt ( more points than normal yogurt I see, so wont be buying again )
Points = 4

10.20am - Snack
3 rice cakes
Low fat Moz cheese - 45g
Points = 2.5

Going to hairdresser now then to Fulda to do some shopping....

Met my German friend Larrisa who lives in Richard's Bay in Fulda...we went for lunch.

Lunch - Tuna salad
Moz cheeze

Dinner - went out with Larrisa and her hubby for dinner...Hubby is owner of the company Hubby works for.

I tried to work out my points and think I went over by 2/3 points!!

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