Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 88

I woke up at 5.30am with my cellphone going off - a dilevery report...that was me - lay in bed till Heinz's alarm went off at 6.15am.

Heinz brought me coffee

8.30am - Breakfast
40g Special K *ProPlus*
125ml yogurt
Points = 3

Going to make beds, get dressed and climb on my bike and watch morning tv for an hour. It snowed last night so not going to fight my way to gym this morning...will train at home and then go with Heinz to gym this evening again...need to burn the fat...LOL

Cycled for an hour.
Burned 774 calories
9052 steps by 10.44am

12 noon - snack
3 rice cake
spread with weight watches tuna spread
Points = 1

1.45pm - Lunch
2 slices of German Rye bread
Turkey slices
Points = 4.5

3pm - Snack
Go Ahead Bar ( needed something sweet )
Points = 1.5

6.30pm - Dinner
Sweet potato - 212g
Tuna in water
yellow pepper
( made a salad for Heinz and I so had a portion of this only )
1 Tsp trim mayo
WW quark pudding
Points = 6.5

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