Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 9 on Atkins

Starting weight 80.2
Weight today is 75.5

Heinz brought me coffee in bed at about 6.45am
( only going to have 2 cups a day and one tea - must add more water to my diet.)

Am busy making my breakfast - then afterwards need to get to the gym!

10am Breakfast

1 boiled egg
1 small tomato & 2 mushrooms cooked with spray and cook
Points = 1.5

12 am- cappachino ( am hungry )
Points 1.5

2pm - Lunch

Chicken pieces 124g
yellow pepper
40g Avo
Points = 6

Drank Fit drink
Points = 0.5
6pm - Dinner

200g minced turkey in a sweet and sour sauce
Creamed spinach 200g ( was way too much )
Yellow pepper
Points = 10.5

I had Joshua from 11 - 5pm today, so didnt get to going to cycle in my bedroom for an hour now...will be back to jot down calories.

Cycled for 45 mins
Toned for 20

Burned 729 Calories
45% fat
(earns me 2.5 points)
Drank 3 x glasses of water during training.

Another day done

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