Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 8 on Atkins

This morning I had to go for a medical ( to do with new medical aid we going on ) Got to Dr's at 7.30am to find a que of sick people ahead of us, so knew it was going to be a longggggggggg wait...Hubby was not impressed to say the least...about an hour later we got called in. There are two Dr's - a husband and wife team - cause I was going to see the wife I seemed to go in ahead of people who were waiting before me. Anyway....
I got asked all the usual questions, was told to strip to my underwear and lie down - thank goodness I had my *pretty matching* set on...she did all the testing, kept telling me all was good, did mention that across my shoulder area was very tight ( I knew that ) but its okay - then had to be weighed....I had a huge wee on board and was hoping to wee in the bottle before being weighed...
My weight is 76.6 kgs this morning...with wee and its all okay...I started at 80kgs - so am happy with what I am and am sure by the time I leave for SA I will be about 72kgs...well thats my aim for now. Now that I have my weight done I will weigh in every morning and jot it down here, will have to see what my personal scale says as will go get undressed now and check. (if you dont see it Angela ask me for it please ) I am on the last month to CT and must get my weight down...

This morning at 7.11 I had a cup of coffee...

Weighed myself on my scale ( the dr's scale and mine are in sink so all good ) without my huge wee but still with period I am 76.2 on my home here we go...adding something more to my blog everyday..there is nothing I am going to hide anymore...LOL

Busy preparing breakfast while I update my blog.

10.05 - Breakfast

2 hard boiled eggs
2 mushroom and 1 small tomato cooked together in spray and cook
Points = 2.5

11.30 - Lemon tea

1.35pm Lunch

Grilled Chicken slices 100g
12g feta goat cheese
38g Avo
1 mushroom
Points = 4.5

Going next door to Roxy at 2pm to take photo's of her and her 2 week old baby...then at 3 our other friend Karin is coming around for coffee.

Went next door to Roxy who made me 2 x cafe lattes...( never again I tell you)
Points = 9
Never going to have that again!!! ( I cant see this being correct )

Went to gym with hubby
Did 10 mins jogging on treadmill
Toning on machines
25 minutes cardio on eclipse machine
Burned 855 calories
30% fat

7.45pm - Dinner

Grilled chicken 178g
1/2 tomato
Yellow pepper
Feta cheese 10g
Avocado 12g

Points = 5

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