Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 7 on Atkins.

Today I'm half way through the introduction phase of the Atkins Diet...
I dont think I'm following all the rules as I cant use fat when cooking still use the diet versions of everything, even my coffee creamer is 4% fat and not pure cream...
Anyway...going in and checking my calories I see I am in the 1 200 and under the 22 points I'm allowed for weight watchers so not doing anything wrong.
I'm going to keep writing the points down of my meals as well now as I am going to move over to WW when the Atkins diet is over...

9am Coffee, 4% cream and sweetners

10am - Breakfast

2 scrambled eggs
12g moz cheese.

All the South Africans met for lunch today, it was Roxy's farewell...We all met at 1.30pm and only got to eat at 2.45pm as we were chatting away...

I ordered a still bottle of water with lemon slices in my glass to drink.
I had ceasars chicken salad
My whole plate was just lettuce with thin slices of parmasen cheese and one grilled chicken breast with salad dressing...( tastes devine )
Had a cappachino with sahne ( cream )
8 Points

Dinner 7pm
Fish - 125g
avo slice - 34g
feta goat cheese - 13g
tomato medium

3.5 Points

Strawberry Fruit tea

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