Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 6 on Atkins

Had coffee this morning at 8.3am

9.30am - Breakfast

3 eggs scrambled with Moz cheese ( its weekend )

12.06 - coffee to take the hunger pangs away for lunch which will be at 1.30pm

hmmmmmmmmmm cant wait for lunch time!!!!!
Am struggling - but am so motivated I'm not prepared to fall off the wagon, Angela!!

1.30pm Lunch Time *finally* - hehe

Chicken slices
1 small tomato
Red pepper
Feta cheese
1/2 Avo

3pm - Hubby and I are going to gym now...doing this for me cause I deserve it!!!
Will be back later to let you know how the calories went.
Steps so far are 2322


Did 25 mins cardio
then went to do legs on machines
Then finished off with 15 mins cardio
An hour - burned 787 calories - 35% fat - 8890 steps
Drank litre water

Fit Zitrone and Grape Drink.

5.40pm Dinner

Tin of tuna in water ( diet says oil )
1 Tsp Trim mayo ( diet says full mayo not low oil )
I mushroom
1/2 Avo
1/4 red pepper
Coffee - cream and sweetner

My *friend* arrives in full swing tomorrow, can sense it in my mood and energy level flat!!!!!!!!!!
I honestly cant see or feel any weightloss so far...but am nearly half way through it and not prepared to give it up till the 14 days are over...maybe at the end I will be in for a lovely surprise.

I wonder how many calories I'm eating during the day...would be interesting to see or how many WW the WW suggests 22 points a day and a little more if you train...

Checked how many calories I'm taking in...its about 1,200!!!!!!!

16.5 points according to Weight Watchers and I can have 20/22

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