Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 5 of Atkins

Today hubby comes back from his business trip to the am doing all the other extra things at home that I didnt get to on Wednesday when I spring cleaning my clothing cupboard and need to sort out the towels and linen downstairs in the cellar...

9am - Coffee, creamer and sweetners

10.17am - Breakfast

2 scrambled eggs and Moz cheese ( boring...but cant have fried eggs without toast )

My period is coming - so am worried that its going to affect my weight, hence I wake up every morning wanting to weight myself then get put off as I know if I have not lost I will for sure throw in the towel and wonder why I'm putting myself through all this and go next door and eat cheese cake with my South African friend who leaves Germany for good next while I * feel* slimmer i will continue this diet and weigh myself on the 15th day!!! I did weigh myself at the start of Atkins...but will only write it down on my blog once the diet is over - so hold thumbs I make those 5kgs...It will be possible for me to do Atkins for an extra week as the wedding is on the 14th!

2 pm Lunch

Chicken slices
Red pepper
1/2 avo
feta cheese

My stomach is so swollen...ahhhhhhhhhh hate it!!

Fit Zitrone & Grape drink

6.30pm - Dinner

Mixed veg

Feeling so fat this jeans are squeezing my legs - okay I know I've been in gym baggy pants all day, but hells bells this feels tight!!!

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