Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 4 of Atkins

I only woke up this morning after 9am...after Heinz's alarm went off at 6.15 and I tried to ignore it, but after a while got up to switch it off and climbed back into bed and went into a deep sleep.
So now not going to gym this morning as I am running too late, I need to shower and wash my hair and get to Fulda to buy the gift for Roxy and see if I can find baby clothing on sale for my daughter who is expecting her first baby. I am teaching this evening so will be doing something anyway.

9.15am Coffee, creamer and sweetner.

10.30am - Breakfast

2 scrambled eggs and moz cheese.

Went to Fulda to get gifts and while walking around taking a few photo's I went and had a cuppachino
Got home at 2.15pm

2.30pm - Lunch

Left over cold chicken from last night...( chicken breast ) and nothing else.

3pm - went over to Roxy and had a cup of coffee...

5.45pm - Dinner

Chicken pieces 100g
yellow pepper
feta cheese
1/2 Avo

Fit Zitrone and Grape drink.

Going to teach an aerobic class now, will come back and jot down calories...

Taught 41 mins cardio, 9 mins toning and 5 mins stretch..
Calories burned 710 calories
35% fat
10350 Steps

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