Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 3 on Atkins

I lay in bed till after 1am this morning watching a program on tv about a young girl of 21 who was addicted to Heroin and what her family felt the end it said that the girl since filming was in South Africa in a rehab. So struggled to sleep after this as that poor girls story went round and round in my head.
I woke up at 8am, decided to get up and get going as today I'm going to *Spring Clean* my house, and plan to cycle this late afternoon instead of going to gym.
I'M STILL VERY MOTIVATED.....( for Angela )

8.15am Coffee creamer and sweetner

10 am - Breakfast
2 scrambled eggs and Moz cheese

I'm cleaning the house - quickly popped in to say its a whole 2 hours before I can have lunch and am so hungry!! Will have to have another cup of coffee as that helps.
Drinking Fit Zitrone & Grape 0.75L while cleaning.

1pm - Coffee to take off the edge!

1.55pm - Lunch

100g fish
1'2 avo
yellow pepper pieces

Did a basket of ironing.....after finishing the housework..( still got more to do )

6pm - Dinner

2 chicken breasts sliced into small pieces - cooked in * Spray & Cook * the olive oil version from SA.
Added some Tomato herb dressing to it for flavour
1/2 avo
Drinking Fit Zitrone & Grape 0'75L

Have not been able to train today due to the housework and ironing, so will be going first thing tomorrow morning - I want to go to Fulda tomorrow to look for baby clothing on the sale..( for my pregnant daughter )

Only did 3893 steps today...and I was busy all day - the only way I can get my steps to 10 000 and over is to get to gym for an hour a day.

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