Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 2 on Atkins

I went to bed so late last night - which meant with Heinz being away I slept in till 8.45am this morning...Hienz called me which woke me up as he's an hour behind me.

So at 9am I went and made myself a cup of coffee and only want to have my breakfast at 10 am as this will mean lunch at 2 and dinner at 6 - such a lot of planning!! LOL

9am - Coffee with cream and sweetners

I'm ready for day 2!!

10am - Breakfast

2 scrambled eggs with some moz shredded cheese.

Went to gym at 10.15 - trained for an hour
Did 10 mins walking to warm up on treadmill
10 mins running
Went and worked on all machines for legs
Jogged last 15 mins.
Burned 861 calories 30%fat
Steps - 6869 ( 11.36am )

11.45 am -Taught a webcam class for 20 mins to the SA lady who lives in Germany

Burned 332 calories
40% fat
Steps 10065 ( 12.17pm )

total calories today = 1193
Glass of water with 45 drops of Herbex Booster Eat- Less ( reduces hunger pangs and cravings ) 1st time I'm using this - not sure if it works but am giving it a bash anyway.
Cup of Limette Tea with 2 sweetners

Went next door to Roxy at 1.30pm and had a cup of coffee...with cream and sweetners

2.45pm Lunch

100g of chicken cold meat slices
1/2 tomato
yellow pepper
1/2 Avo

5.30pm Coffee cream and sweetners

Dinner at 7pm
Tin of Tuna in water
1/2 tomato
yellow pepper
Feta cheese
1/2 Avo
Spring onion

Bottle of Fit Zitrone & Grape 0,75L

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