Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 1 of Atkins Diet

Today Hubby is off to the UK...Today I start the Atkins I ready? YES I'M READY!!!

6.45am - coffee with cream and sweetners
( last cup hubby will make me till Saturday )

10am - 2 scrambled eggs with Moz cheese...Taste lovely but boy its such a little!!! 2 medium eggs dont go very far and as I dont eat bacon or sausage I am not having that for breakfast like Atkins followers can have...If in SA I could have Chicken bacon, but they dont sell it here.
10.24 - coffee with cream and sweetners

Went for a 35 minute walk/jog
Burned 514 calories
35% fat.

2.05pm Lunch
150g Chicken pieces
1/2 tomato
Cucumber slices
1/2 Avo

Drank 0,75l of Fit Zitrone & Grape Kalorienarm

5pm - Coffee with cream and sweetner

5.50pm - cycle for 30 mins

Burned 410 calories
40% fat

Total calories burned today = 924

Dinner at 6.30pm

Forellen Filets 125g and salad

1/2 tomato
yellow pepper
1/2 avo
Spring onion
feta cheese

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