Monday, August 2, 2010

23 + 24 Jan 2009

Good morning

No gym for me today, have to meet hubby at Bank at 11 am to fill out medical papers and then later this after I am off to the Dr's for the medical...the good thing is I'm missing coffee and cheese cake with my Roxy, she invited a few of the girls around at 11am...

Hubby is going away for the whole of next week so am going to be doing the Atkins diet - by the time he gets home I'll be into it and seeing results so wont want to cheat.
So later when we do our weeks grocery shopping I'll make sure I stock up on all the items needed...only do the Atkins for 2 weeks...its a good diet to get one going...Got a wedding on the 14th - need a flatter tummy... LOL - still not sure what I'm going to wear...

Have a lovely weekend everyone...
I plan to get out and do something for myself, be it gym, walk in the forest with my camera...something so lets hope the weather improves, I see it says RAiN...lets hope they wrong.
Didnt get to gym or do anything on Saturday...
Had my normal muesli and yoghurt for breakfast
Lunch had Subways Roast chicken and salad half honey roll with coffee
Dinner had Salom in redpepper sauce with creamed rice, green beans, salad, glass of sweet white wine and coffee ( Roxy and Ryan took us out to say thanks for looking after Josh while they went and had Jaeden )

Muesli and yoghurt for breakfast, had to finished the yoghurt as can have none for the next 2 weeks.
WEnt to gym...Trained for an hour
Did 25 mins jogging on treadmill
Did 35 mins of machines and abs...toning..
Burned 865 calories

Came home and had chicken and salad for lunch/dinner...but now having a mini Almond magnum which hubby brought to me...

Tomorrow Hubby is off to UK till Friday
I'm starting the atkins 2 week diet
So will be jotting down every single thing that goes in my mouth and what training I do ...
I need to be checked on, if hear nothing from me - ask why...and give me a cyber nudge..
I'm motivated, I went to buy all the food needed so am sorted.....
I can't wait to be down about 5 kgs for the wedding...

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