Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 10 on Atkins

Weighted in this morning...weight the same as yesterday.

Went to the sunbed this morning then went to gym
Got to gym after 10 am, I was concerned as I hadn't had breakfast yet.

I did 10 mins walking on the treadmill
Then 20 mins jogging ( felt really good )
Went to the eclipse machine and did a further 15 cardio ( struggled here )
Then went and toned for 20 mins on the leg machines.
Burned 969 calories - 30% fat
7961 steps
Drank water

11.50am Breakfast

60g minced Turkey
1 boiled egg
1 tomato and 2 mushrooms
Points = 3

I had little Josh come around today so didnt get to eat lunch, which was fine as my breakfast was so late.

6pm - Dinner

1 tin of tuna in water
Box mixed vegetables
Wok sauce
Points = 7

1 bottle of Fit Zitrone & Grape juice
Points = 0.5

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