Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 86 on New Lifestyle

I'm having a good Monday, not a blue one for me!! Firstly today my daughter has her first baby, a boy, via C-Section at 11am SA time, 10am my time. I cant explain the excitement and worry I feel at the same time. Please pray for a safe delivery and that baby Xavier is healthy!!
Secondly....I've broken the 75kg barrier this morning...yes I did!!
So in one week, remember I got weighed at the DR last monday morning...I've lost 2kgs.
My weight today is 74.8kgs.
Now there is no stopping me....

8.15am Breakfast
Oats so easy
1x Tsp of brown sugar
Points = 4.5

10.15am - Earl Grey tea

10.45 - Snack ( nerves )
3 rice cakes
1 small banana mashed
Points = 2.5

I am wanting to eat, eat, eat today, think its emotional eating and not hunger!!
Fighting meal will be lunch, but thinking of having a cupacoffee!!

Baby has looks like my daughter I'm told and weighed 3.245g...still waiting for photo.

1.45pm - Lunch
2 thin slices German Rye bread
yellow pepper
Thin spread of weight watches tuna spread
Points = 4.5
Got 10.5 points left for the day so will have to becareful as I'm wanting to nibble all day...

4pm - Snack

Going to go with hubby to gym this evening...still no photo from Cape Town
Did 45mins of cardio
15 mins on legs
Dont have energy when I train at night...get better results when I train in the morning.
741 calories

7.30pm - Dinner
150g grilled chicken
Salad with Avo and feta cheese
Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mushroom, yellow pepper ( which are all free veggies )
1x weight watchers pudding
Points = 5.5
Steps 8078

Thats me for today....still have 2.5 points did okay

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