Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 4 on WW

Weight 75.3kgs

Had morning coffee in bed, which hubby brought to me.

10am Breakfast

Oats so easy ( from UK ) with fat free milk
2 sugars
Points = 4.5

Hubby and I are off to gym now...11am - will be back to update the calories burned!!

Did 10 mins fast walking to warm up
35 mins jogging
15 mins toning legs on machines

My heartrate monitor froze at 31.31 - still frozen so cant get my calories burned but it will be 1 200 odd.
Drank litre of water.
The trainer who signed me up came to the gym for his own personal training today, I havent seen him since before Xmas time...anyway,I was finishing off my run with a 2 min walk when he walked up to me...he told me I had gotten thin!!
I told him I had lost 4kgs,
He said * NO, it must be more!* -
nope I said...its 4.
Well you know muscle weighs more and I can see you have lots lots!!
That my group friends made my whole day!!!!

1.50pm - Lunch
117g chicken strips cooked in sweet and sour sauce
94g Basmati cooked rice
yellow pepper
Point = 6.5

Snack - Rice cake with tuna spread
Points = 0,5

6.30pm - Dinner

1 slice of rye bread
Weight watchers Turkey slices (4)
Tomoto slices
1x weight watchers Quark pudding
Points = 3.5

5 points remaining -
All points left over get saved each week...

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