Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 104

Felt so tired at gym last night, but I did try work at a harder level - that could be it. I see I'm still running for 30 mins and toning but burning less and less calories every workout. I need to increase my workout as burning less calories is not going to help my weight loss. As an apple shape I need to be doing more cardio to toning...so in CT will have to work out a new training program for myself.
I called Curves to see if I could join for the two months I'm there, I will get my answer on Monday when I call them, so hold thumbs...I dont think its safe to fun around the neighbourhood for a workout. I will take Eden for walks in the pram and run around atthe park with him, but I need to have a place where I can run for 30 mins and know I will be safe.

50g special K
Points = 4.5

Hubby is home today, took the day off to help Ryan clean up the house next door...I'm going to visit Carol this morning and say my final goodbye to her as when I return from my holiday in CT she will be living in Australia.

Have started throwing things on my bed that I want to take with me to CT, I need to do my packing when I return and then pop down to say goodbye to my German friend Karin....cant see me getting to the gym today, but not going to push that thought out of my mind as yet.

100g grapes
Points = 1

189g pasta
1 slice bread
Turkey slices
Points = 5

I forgot to tell you...I am wearing a smaller size pair of pants today!!!!
While packing i tried on THOSE pair of jeans - and they fitted...one kg less they will feel better, but they fitted so taking them with me to CT...these were the jeans I was aiming to fit into.
I bought 3 pairs of jeans about a month ago and taking the one pair back tomorrow as I've not worn them yet, want a smaller size...hehehe, oh this feels so good.

Ryan is taking Heinz and I out for dinner - so will have to watch the points...I have 10 points left so should be fine.

Chicken breast
Wok veggies in curry sauce
Basmati rice

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