Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 103

I found my *Weighless* book amoungst my books last night and want to share what I saw with you...
I joined WL on 22/10/03 and weighed 74.0kgs (my current weight) - I was living a very busy lifestyle, teaching about 3/4 classes a day - yet I still picked up weight. This makes me wonder why I'm being so hard on myself - I'm not nearly as active and 6 years older...I think I'm doing pretty well considering all this...
It took me 7 weeks to get to 67.0 then WL closed down for the Xmas period and I never went back...my goal at the time was to reach 65kgs.
This is how my weightloss pattern went
Week 1 - 2.2
Week 2 - 1.2
Week 3 - 0
Week 4 - .8
Week 5 - .2
Week 6 - .2
Week 7 - 2.0

So this shows me that I am a slow loser...I remember doing lots of extra cardio work besides my teaching over that period as I was not happy with how slowly I was losing...
This has been a good reminder to me - I should not be so hard on myself.

WEIGHT 73.4kgs
Am so chuffed, I did a dance off the scale this morning...I wanted to be 73 when I got to CT and it looks like I can do it...

30g special K
Points = 5.5

100g salmon
100g brown penne pasta
Points = 4

Going to wash my hair now, been on the sunbed for 20 mins - then later going for my nails...then tonight will do gym with Heinz as not sure when next I'll get to gym. Heinz is taking the day off tomorrow.

50g grapes
Points = 1

Went and had nails done at 3pm
Came home for a snack before gym

1 slice bread with Turkey slices
Points = 2

Gym Did 30 mins cardio
30 mins legs and upper body
Burned 693 calories
40% fat

60g steamed vegetables
153g chicken
100g pasta
WW quark
Points = 7

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