Monday, August 2, 2010

20 + 21 Jan 2009

I've had an hectic day today
Josh came over at 7.30am and I have just left him at home with his mom and dad with new little brother.

Today I went to my german neighbor and had cake and coffee...
Sooooooooooooooooooo - not a good day as I didnt train either.

I'm going off to gym tomorrow morning - come what May!!
Will collect Josh the afternoon to give the new mommy a break.

If you dont hear from my by 2pm your on my case...I need to go - from next Monday I'm going to get 100% back on track, Hubby is off to UK so have a week to get my routine going again...

By now I should be finding cardio a breeze...but am not, to be honest during all my years of teaching and there were many many of those I never ever got the feeling of being super I could do cardio and find it a breeze...well nothing has changed, its still hard and some days I struggle more than others.

Did an hours cardio at gym, Eclipse machine, treadmill and cycle...

1014 calories
25% fat
9441 Steps. ( 11.10am )

I'm going to do some toning later in front of the tv... will come back and add that workout here.

Didnt tone as hubby decided not to go to gym tonight....bonding with him and cooking salmon and salad for dinner...

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