Monday, August 2, 2010

16 + 17 Jan 2009

Have had a busy day today - left home for the bank at 8.30am this morning, went to see Carol afterwards - got home at 1pm....a friend came over to visit -WE ATE CHEESE CAKE - she left after 5pm, hubby and I went grocery shopping, just got in ( 7.02PM) So no training done today, but besides the cheese cake my eating was good.

I am sooooooooo sore, my calves from dancing around in front of the tv the other night....

I'll have to hit the gym or cycle at home tomorrow...need to do cardio at least 4 x a week...and have only done 3x so far...

Am feeling good and still very motivated after 60 days - its a good record for me....since living here that is.

I am so proud of everyone's weightloss they've had this week...gosh we have an amazing bunch of women on this are all motivating me like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have not trained or eaten well this weekend, 3 days now that I've done nothing. Hubby went to gym on Sat and Sun...while I babysat....yip!!
My friend went in on Saturday to have her I offered to look after their 16 month old son for them - will be helping out again tomorrow so hoping to get to gym tomorrow night with hubby!!

I got info from my friend about weight watchers - will be doing the point system from tomorrow...

I have lost weight....I can feel it in my belt and my jeans....but am not where I wanted to be at this time - I know healthy lifestyle is just that - it's not a cash diet!!

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