Monday, August 2, 2010

14 + 15 Jan 2009

As I did cardio on Monday and Tues, today was toning day....

Did one hours toning all over body with hand weights and ball..

Burned 509 calories
50% fat
3367 steps...

Shows one how little steps I do in a day if I dont do my hours cardio...

Going to gym tomorrow morning for run on treadmill...Angela, make sure I am out of here by midday - my time 11am!!

This morning I felt so tired, my body was sore from my toning workout i did last night, my poor calves - they are so sore!!

Had breakfast, muesli and yogurt with coffee...

Spent time online doing my blogs and groups...

Went to gym and did cardio for an hour
I struggled, my calves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I did
5 mins walking
5 mins running
5 mins walking
5 mins running
5 mins walking
5 mins running
Went to the eclipse machine
Did 20 mins
Then back to treadmill for final 10 mins walked at 2% incline.

967 calories
25% fat
8958 steps and its 12.30 - should get to the 10 000 before I get to bed this evening.

2 slices rye bread
Chicken slice and Moz cheese

I struggled at gym today, found running easier on my aching calves, but my cardio was bad so could not do more running at a time...

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