Tuesday, August 3, 2010

13 April 2009

I've been staying at my sisters house in Hout Bay so have had lots of access to the internet, hence I've been updating this blog and also getting to read and comment on the other blog entries...will have to give it a miss again till a later stage when I have access again..

Today I have had 18 points...
I had a good breakfast, snack and then had a braai at my daughters in Somerset West, was such a lovely day. She put out chips and I stayed away, I have noticed that chips dont call my name anymore...and also I know if I start I wont be able to stop, so dont have - also as I have been on this program for over 3 months I am finding that old habits food wise have been broken - I cant wait to get back to Germany and do the WW from there as they have such lovely product which makes it easier to control your points and also the internet program they have - here is all guess...or so it seems after working off the UK internet site.

I havent trained at all this week, so plan to do something on Wednesday morning again when I'm back at my son's house - Wed will be my weigh in day...not expecting much of a loss after last week, but from today have been very strict with myself.
I got Easter chocolates yesterday and will have one small little egg on Wed night after my weigh in as that will be 2 points....

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