Monday, August 2, 2010

Wow, nearly a whole month I have stuck by my fitness challenge for takes 3 months before it becomes part of your my journey continues...I really hope a few of you are going to still be motivating me along the way.

Today I went to gym early as I have a gynie ( the dreaded gynie ) appointment at midday...

So here are my results.

10 mins warm up on treadmill
( my heart rate monitor sat on 00 for 15 mins so my calories will be incorrect)
I then jogged for 35 mins...the longest yet, I broke my personal record of 20 mins!!!!
Then walked for 4 mins to cool down
50 mins in total...

My calories ( incorrect but according to the HR watch ) 695
22 minutes in Zone
8699 steps

heinz bought me new running shoes on did I feel the pain in my ankles, knees or shins!¬!!!

Yesterday I had my gynie visit...been about 2 years since my last visit and about 15 years before that one...the last pap smear I had was over 23 years ago, so yesterday I made sure I had one - time just runs away with one...I cant believe its been so long!
The gynie tells me I have entered premenopause (menopause is the stage after your last period) - so my chancers of falling pregnant are 000,1% now ( which is very good news ) My womb has thinned a lot - this means my hormone levels are very low....hence the struggling to lose weight, my mood swings etc (find my mood swings are hectic with hubby only, with everyone else I see to be able to control them, or dont feel them as badly ) She has put me on a pill that can be used like a contraceptive pill, although its not sold for that has something inside that will sort out my hormone levels and my moods...she gave me 3 months yesterday was my day one....will see how it goes. I know these pills take a month or so to work, am not going to expect miracles over night.

Its nearly 8am and its pitch dark outside...I've had some breakfast with yogurt as I woke up with a very sore throat and very trying to eat dinner before 6.30pm - so by 7am the hunger pangs are there wanting to be satisfied.
Will be heading out to gym around 10 am today...but will be going!'
I need to get stuck into the ironing as hubby is away again tomorrow night - needs shirts and jeans. I also need to start preparing the house for our visitors that arrive on Friday morning early.

I'm a little concerned as what to do with 2 young boys, one is 17 and the other 15....they not very talkative - I will have them on Friday, next Monday and Tuesday as Hubby only goes on leave from next week least I know I can still get to gym next week for those two days, thats the only good I see in that!!

Back from I am feeling *poorly* ( the way the British say they not feeling well ) I took it pretty easy today.
I walked on treadmill on incline of 1% for 20 mins
Ran for 10 mins - flat
Did stairclimber for 30 mins...

853 calories
35% fat
Zone - 33 mins
9453 steps

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