Monday, August 2, 2010

Tomorrow is my weigh in day - so lets see if my hard work has paid off a little. I did have cheesse cake, nuts and chinese last week...but hopefully worked off enough calories to lose!

I'm going to be stricter with myself this week,and also add a few small changers into my day.
Like the following.

1. Train in the morning on an empty stomach...I have read that one burns 300x more fat this way.
2. Train at a high effort level when I do cardio for at least 20 mins at build up to 30 minutes.
3. Eat at the table and not on my lap...when eating I'm not going to read, watch tv etc, but focus on the taste and eat slowly......

I will continue

1. To drink 8 glasses of water a day
2. Do 10 000 or more steps in my day.

As I am going to be training on an empty stomach I am going to go to gym earlier, so today am going off now 8am ( have to be back incase the post lady arrives with my parcel ) - then an hour after my training session ended I will have a shake for breakfast....
Its 7.53am going to gym...the doors only open at 8am!

9.41am, back from gym...and with very sore shins!!
I did the toning machines today, I find them okay but the two cardio equipments inbetween kill me,seems mine is set so heavy to the older people around me who all seem to be cruising throught the workout while I struggle...they laugh at me and I do feel ashamed,.,,like why is mine so hard and theirs NOT!! ( hehe )
After the machines I wanted to run for 20 mins, increasing my intensity every min ( the Body for Life aerobic plan ) but after 10 mins my shins were killing me, on fire..I had to stop.
I did an hours training and will go with Heinz to gym again this evening so am happy.
My steps were only 4 515
Training was one hour
745 calories
35% fat
in the zone for 17mins 18sec ( was aiming for 20 mins but due to shins I never reached my target.)

I'm off to shower then will have my shake..can only have it at 10.15 am...a hour after my training session the time I'm showered and dressed it'll be breakfast time.

Had Herbalife shake with banana for breakfast
2 hours later had a small yoghurt
Lunch time had a chicken slice with cheese sandwich
2 hours later a weighless bar ( enjoying them while i have some)
Dinner will be chicken and salad...

Going to gym with Heinz again steps are 7360 and its 17.21....need to get them to about 12 000 before I

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