Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 83 ~ Changing my Life

Weight - 75.5
I cant wait to get under 75, this is the weight I sit at always and then give up my plan as it feels as if nothing I do get's me below this mark...

8.20am Breakfast

30 g Strawberry cruch muesli ( left over )
115g Activia yogurt
Points = 4.5

That yogurt has 3.5 g of fat and so many points!!!!!
Will have to watch the rest of the day now or else go over my points.

Am going to sunbed and then gym this morning, that should earn me at least an extra 2 points.

11.31 - Got back from gym now.

Did 30 mins jogging on treadmill
30 mins on machines toning
10 mins fast walking on treadmill
Burned 1107 calories
8278 steps

11.40 - Drinking a new tea I bought this morning called
Harmonie fur Korper&Seele
Schlank und fit
Krauterteemischung zum Leichtfuhlen - Dont ask me to translate!!!!!

2pm - Lunch

Forellen-Fillet Fish
yellow pepper
Points = 3


7.30 - Dinner with friends.

Chicken grilled with no skin
feta cheese
yellow pepper
spring onion
Big salad...
1x slice rye bread
1x weight watchers ice cream ( while everyone else ate magnums )
Points = 7

Steps at 11pm = 11346

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