Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 125

I did some research about my non weight loss yesterday and see that after losing 9kgs and getting closer to my goal weight I have reach a plateau...so need to change everything I'm doing to reshock my body.
I read suggestions of having lunch for breakfast, breakfast for dinner etc or changing everything I am eating...\
So today instead of All Bran and yogurt for breakfast I had one slice of GI low bread toasted, one scrambled egg and yogurt...lunch instead of 2 slices bread with salad I had a sweet potato with bake beans...will see where I can make changes and then see if I have better results next week wednesday at weigh in.\
Going a way to Hermanus tomorrow...have bought my food and thankfully my whole family are on diet or watching their weight so am sure I will manage and will enjoy the walks or jogs there instead of the boring ones I have had going round and round the park...
I must say I felt very demotivated last night, but didnt quite want to throw in the towel...I know that next week if I do this right I will be rewarded....I need to lose 7 kgs and only have 7 weeks left...cant have anymore weeks where I stay the same....if I dont reach this goal before I leave I will continue in Germany until I do....when I get back its our cycle season and I love my jogs in the forest - I want this 65kgs more than I want anything right now.

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