Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 123

I'm still on my journey to the new me...working hard - as its something I want more than anything I want at the moment. As I am shedding the pounds and seeing my clothing hanging on me I become more motivated. Nothing to me feels as good as *thin* at the moment.

I hurt my hip area last week, been struggling to train, but training I am doing...I am still running for 30 mins every 2nd day, and the odd day just walking for an hour...its better than stopping all together, I do have to be careful as I dont want to hurt myself even more and then am forced to stop training...so I am very careful and listening to my body as I jog...I have had to make my strides a bit smaller as bigger and faster strides is too painful.

Last week I had a birthday tea - ate a muffin which was 5 points...then on Saturday my cousin turned 30 and once again had to face cake...I did have a bran muffin 5 points, and then had a small slice of carrot cake...which I have no idea what the points are - I put aside another 5 points. Looking through my book on points it says 10 points for carrot cake and icing, but my question to the WW lady tomorrow will be is...WHAT SIZE IS 10 POINTS, the size you get in a cake shop or a controlled slice that I had...anyway...the joys of counting points I suppose, but am getting in to it..

I am going to be weighed tomorrow evening....I once again dont feel any thinner so will see what awaits me on the scale.
I am wearing a pair of jeans I fitted into for 2 months only 3 and a half years ago....such a great feeling!!

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