Tuesday, August 3, 2010

27 March 2009

This morning I started my day with a 30 mins run around the park, then came back to fetch my grandson Eden - put him in his pram and walked/ran for another 30 mins, I got my heart rate up to about 155 beats per minutes when I ran...it felt like I was doing interval training....I felt good so kept going for as long as possible, I burned over 1 189 kcal ( which was good as I only walked yesterday and burned 478 kcal ) my steps were about 8890 when I got back and now at 12.21pm I'm at 10 382, running after my 19 month old grandson is helping me get my steps up, can just imagine what they will be when I crash in bed this evening....

My daughter in law mentioned yesterday that she could see I've lost more weight...which was so good to hear....last night I saw looking at old photo's of myself since living in Germany....my wedding day I was 82kgs the heaviest I have ever been, I noticed that most of the photo's were of my head and shoulders, I asked my sister not to get my fat arms in, when I stood next to my hubby for pics I held my flowers infront of my breasts as they were a G cup and I was so aware of how big and fat I was...I even asked my daughter to buy me a stepping pants, to keep my tummy in....then I see in 2005 I was slim....I weighed 69kgs when I came on holiday to CT to meet my granddaughter...and there I see I look normal on photo's and am quite happy to pose for the camera...that didnt last long, from there on all my photo's are of me overweight ( for my height ) I also see I stand behind my hubby for all the photo's, hiding myself behind him, or anyone else infact that I am asked to pose with ....I have photo's I have labeled *fatso* - back then...I dont ever want to go there again, I know each time I lose weight I say this....thin is such a nice feeling I will never get fat again...and yet looking at my past I DO JUST THAT, I GAIN IT ALL BACK...I hope I have learnt some lessons this time, I hope I never go back to my old ways again...I hope this is the end of the battle for me...that I have the knowledge to keep my weight where I feel good about myself.
I am still a good 6kgs away from my goal - nothing is standing in my way....not that lovely tasting fresh bread, that cake, those biscuits....I can still enjoy all of the above but in moderation and portion size...this is the new lesson for me..

This group has helped me so much, each time I weigh in I know I have to report and that I will have a few who will comment and encourage me to carry on, thanks so much to each one for the motivational comments - I give my success of losing 10 kgs so far to having you all standing next to me....

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