Monday, August 2, 2010

10 Jan 2009

Have had a good day so far...
This morning we went to fulda to buy me one pair of jeans, I came home with 3 pairs and 2 tops!!!!!
I am still wearing the same size jeans ( 36 ) but must say while trying on the jeans I did notice that my stomach looked much better...flatter - not so round looking as it has the last few months...motivation to train harder!!

For breakfast I had my usual muesli and small tub yogurt with coffee
For lunch we went to the new resturant which I love, Cafe Del Sol in Fulad - I had a chicken breast and wok vegetables in a curry sauce on a roll and some salad...very tasty indeed...

When we got home from Fulda we got dressed warmly and went for a walk to the castle in was great...the fresh air...I jogged some of the way...LOL...up the hills and died when I got to the top I was so out of breath, but wanted to push my heart rate up...we went for a walk so that I could take photo's...

Now am back home, catching up on the group and see we have a new member Bronwyn - wondering how she found us....please go over and welcome her and add her to your friends list.

Will pop in again later.

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