Monday, August 2, 2010

12 Jan 2009

I went to gym...after our bootcamp fitness pusher from hell got me out to bed ( thanks Angela - I needed just that this morning 0

I run for a full 30 mins and then did eclipse machine for 30mins
I pushed myself...promise...
Whenever I wanted to give up I thought of how good it would feel to do a blog entry with good times and calories burned....oh I love this sure pushes me to do that much better.

Calories burned 1115
One hour
15% fat
9476 steps by 12.48

Going to teach a low impact class this evening at 7pm...

Okay back from the 50 mins workout
Burned 495 calories...

My steps for today is 15820
Yesterday as I only edited photo's all day ended at 1578 - a huge difference!!!

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