Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 5 and 6 of detox

Yesterday I went to Frankfurt with my husband and met up with two South African ladies I'd met at the South African Braai ( BBQ ) in Frankfurt towards the end of last year....we all wanted to keep in touch after our first meeting....
The one lady with the purple top is a runner....has run many marathons...she said the Berlin Marathon was the best so far and she has run many around the world. What amazed me was that she goes running in the morning before work. As a South African used to the warm weather I find that impossible to do, so did find she inspired me a lot. Loved chatting to her about running, hearing all her experience as a runner. I did ask her about my sugar detox for 30 days starting tomorrow and what effects it would have on my running.....I hit a very bad sugar low while running in Cape Town in September - The Gun Run....that was the weirdest experience I've ever had...was told cause I cut back on my sugars - need to learn how to be a fat burner when running and not sugar!
The other lady wearing the brown top ( dont want to mention their names on the internet ) is very into healthy living - she has been living the healthy way for a few years now and also had so much info to share. She and I spoke about my sugar detox program....I also spoke to her about my stiff finger joints I'm suffering from and she gave me a website and some product to drink which should help.

Yesterday I made sure I stayed within my goal of 30grams of sugar...ended up at 25g's so happy.

Today....I went with Hubby for a 10.45km first 10km since September and first run for 2013
I did it in 1hour and 10 mins...slow...but did have to walk a few times and there were more hills than flats in this route.
I did try drinking one of those running gels at the 5km mark ....its got 5g's of after that had to make sure my eating was good as I don't want to go over the 30g allowed.
I ended with my sugar at 15 grams today.....
Only having one coffee a day now instead of 2 or 3....drinking tea without milk the other times.

So tomorrow is weigh in day for me as we officially start the 30days 30grams sugar challenge.
I've done the detox am positive with my mindset I will last the 30days...
As you know I have decided not to eat fruit for the detox and challenge period, but will go back to one or two servings after that.

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Hello Marcy, I have been away for so long and have missed catching up with you! My family has been going through a lot that I would rather not put on a public post. Will have to message you privately. Hope to stay in touch!!

  2. Going to tease you a little here: the lady inspires you because she runs for work while I do that too and I don't inspire you. Boohoohoo now I'm sad!

    Just kidding Marcelle. I'm happy you had such a great day with the ladies and their husbands.

    Good luck today with the challenge, I'm sure you'll rock it.

  3. That must be: before work :)