Monday, January 7, 2013

Challenge starts today.

Today I started the 30 day 30grams sugar challenge...

Yesterday I ended on 15grams of sugar and under 800 calories....not good, but it was just one of those days that ended with three meals and no snacks.
Today its all sorted out and I'm back to eating correctly.
Yesterday I did a 10.45km run with hubby and now today am so stiff I can hardly bend down to pick up anything without moaning about my sore butt. It was my first 10km run since September last year....

Hubby bought me a new pair of trailer running barefoot shoes for Xmas, and asked me to walk around in them to feel if they were okay, today I remembered, and happy to say they fit perfectly, but do feel weird as I've gotten used to my normal running shoes.....I want to start wearing the new one's once Spring arrives and I can get into the forest as they not road running shoes.

I took photo's of all my main meals today....
My sugar ended at 18.97grams
I did an hours training.....cardio and toning with intervals.
OH, yes I did weigh myself this morning
65kg's and am normally 61-62kg's
So am going to aim at losing 4 kg's
Hubby told me again this evening when I discussed this with him, that he prefers me this weight, he says my face is not too thin.
I told him I like to be 62 cause then I have a few kg's to play with when on holiday.....If I stay at 65, I will be 68 and then its good to be at a weight where you still feel okay when you gain.

So all in all....Today was a good day for me.

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. YAY! Good luck. I'm excited to hear how you do and how you feel as you remove sugar. You'll do great!

  2. I agree. I would rather be lower then right where I need to be. Seems less stressful. We made it through day 1!!!

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